Why We Do It

Kate Moyes was a kind and wonderfully warm person whose life was cruelly taken in August 2005 by a very aggressive form of cancer.

She is dearly missed by all her friends and family and as a mark of remembrance we decided in 2006, to organise a Music Festival for Kesgrave, the town in which she lived. Kate loved live music and the odd beverage on a night out so this event was the perfect way to remember such a truly special person.

Kate grew up in Hadleigh, where she went to school and then worked for BT for many years in Martlesham before deciding to go travelling for a year; upon her return she went back to her friends at BT as a contractor before deciding to change her career completely. Kate started at Suffolk College to train in radiotherapy as she loved working with people and really want to help people recover from medical ailments, following on from radiotherapy Kate had aspirations of training to be a doctor.

In an ironic twist of fate, Kate fell ill in May 2004 and was diagnosed with cancer, one of the diseases she wanted to help treat and help people recover from. The disease was in an advanced state when she was diagnosed but she never gave up hope and was an inspiration to us all, still putting other people first and ensuring that we were coping rather than worrying about the unimaginable ordeal she was going through. Although the disease took a lot out of her, Kate still had the drive and energy to carry on travelling and even found time to organise a wedding and get married to Stuart.

After many cycles of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and some medical procedures Kate lost her brave battle 15 months after diagnosis and passed away in St Elizabeth's Hospice after being there for 6 weeks.

In those 6 weeks her spirit was never broken and the support and care she received from the hospice staff was second to none. It made us all realise the importance of having this facility and making sure that the funding is in place to sustain that level of care. Cancer touches us all at some point in our lives, whether it is friends, family or colleagues and it is facilities like the hospice that ensure the support is there when we need it most.